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Our Specialties and Services

Consistent, Dependable Legal Services in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights

KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE has dedicated departments for every major division, such as Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical, Trademarks, Designs, Litigation, etc. It is our goal to help you acquire sound intellectual property rights in every field, and furthermore, we have a well-established system that provides consistent, dependable legal services for protection and utilization of your intellectual property rights in areas such as licensing and enforcement, etc., even after acquisition.

Technical Support in New Fields of Technology from our Team of Experts

Even in new technical fields such as IT, biotechnology, and fine ceramics, etc., KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE actively provides ongoing training for our specialists. We are constantly in the process of improving our system to support intellectual property strategies for fast-changing high-technologies.

Providing Legal Services for Intellectual Property Rights Abroad

KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE not only provides legal services in the field of intellectual property in Japan, but also provides comprehensive legal services abroad as well. Through our extensive worldwide network of associate firms which we have built up over many years, we will assist you with acquisition and enforcement, etc. of your intellectual property rights abroad and in Japan.

Dealing with Intellectual Property Issues in China

KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE has a dedicated "China Department" to provide legal advice directed toward dealing with intellectual property issues in China such as litigation against infringements of rights, license negotiations, representation for various procedures before the Chinese authorities and measures for dealing with counterfeit goods and pirate copies, etc.


Registration of Plant Varieties in Japan and Abroad

KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE represents clients in procedures to acquire breeders' rights through registration of plant variety based on The Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act in Japan or based on the plant variety protection systems in foreign countries, etc.


Services Offered

KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE offers the following services

  • Acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights in Japan and abroad (such as Patents, Utility Models, Designs and Trademarks, etc.)
  • Protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights (enforcement, license negotiations and drafting of contracts, etc.)
  • Various types of registrations related to intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, computer programs, layout designs of integrated circuits, domain names and plant varieties, etc. in Japan and abroad
  • Support enforcement of intellectual property rights abroad (such as measures against counterfeits and litigation against infringements, etc.)
  • Provision of information related to intellectual property, such as consulting, seminars and publications, etc.