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Information Asset Protection Policy

KYOWA's Policy on the Information Asset Protection Policy

The operator of this website, KYOWA PATENT AND LAW OFFICE, provides intellectual property-related legal services. In providing these services, KYOWA manages client information in accordance with its information asset protection policy, which ensures information assets remain accurate, secure, and confidential. This policy is stringently enforced to protect against the loss, manipulation, destruction, and unintended disclosure of information assets.

1. Physical security measures

Physical access to KYOWA offices is protected through the use of ic cards. This measure prevents people from entering the premises without permission.

2. Administrative security measures

The information asset protection policy includes the following provisions:

  1. KYOWA's information assets, including all information managed on behalf of its clients, shall not be taken off the premises without the consent of the information owner, nor may the information assets be sent to another person physically or by electronic means without consent.
  2. If KYOWA patent employees have consent to take information assets off the office premises, they shall use encryption or other means to safeguard the contents. In addition, employees shall not leave information unattended.
  3. If KYOWA employees have consent or are requested by clients to send information by physical or electronic means, they shall use registered mail to send information physically and use encryption when sending information electronically (unless otherwise instructed by the client).
  4. When destroying information such as recording media, KYOWA shall use destruction methods that prevent the decryption of the information. No information will be discarded without be fully destroyed first.
  5. All office equipment used for providing legal services shall by managed by KYOWA. Employees are not permitted to connect personal electronic equipment or recording media to office equipment, nor are they permitted to copy information assets onto personal equipment. The use of personal software or other data on office equipment without consent is not permitted.
  6. Employees are not permitted to grant their authority to others without consent.
  7. Employees are not permitted to share information assets with people outside KYOWA, or to discuss information assets publicly.
  8. The provisions above provide for stringent protection of information assets. In the event, however, that information is improperly disclosed, it is the obligation of employees to report the matter immediately to superiors and to take other appropriate action.

3. Technological security measures

In addition to the above security measures, the following technological measures are implemented to ensure stringent information asset protection.

  1. KYOWA provides internet access within its offices. However, terminals with internet access are physically isolated from the lan system that stores information assets. the system is configured to prevent illegal access to the lan through the internet.
  2. Office equipment is updated regularly with the latest antivirus software.
  3. Information assets are backed up electronically on a daily basis. Recoding media containing backed-up files are stored in the safe of an institution located at a separate site, enabling rapid recovery of information if necessary.